The hustle and bustle of Year 12 students preparing for their EPQ exhibition began in the afternoon on March 15th; the hardwork and determination of these students since September reflected in their outstanding displays. A multitude of projects were presented including ones that revolved around history (Gurkha Justice Campaign and the Taliban’s Involvement in Afghanistan) as well as STEM topics, including dementia, falsified drugs and genetic engineering. Numerous others looked at sports, such as a project investigating classism in cricket.

Many interactive displays, encouraging paper plane building and peculiarly, live experiments with strawberries, lit up the hall. Sixth Form student Riya Rajdev described the event as “an excellent opportunity to showcase the progress and success of our year group, alongside discovering the topics our year group are most passionate about."

Overall, it was a vibrant and enthusiastic occasion whereby many Year 12 students had the opportunity to present to parents, governors, teachers and perhaps most importantly, their fellow students. Personally, I learnt a lot from this event and the delivery of many of these presentations were terrific. The broad spectrum of topics covered allowed us all to gather and expand our knowledge on various aspects of life. Equally, it provided the opportunity for us to share our conclusions of the independent research project with others as well as educating the public on what we discovered along the way.