Challoner’s Speaks is the school’s annual public speaking competition. From Years 7 to 10, students have the opportunity to speak to their classmates about a certain topic.

However, this year has been a little strange, and so Challoner’s Speaks 2021 was like no other. For the first time, we weren’t in the classroom with our classmates and teachers speaking from the front of the room. We were at home.

There have been good and bad things that have happened in these unpredictable times. Despite the thousands of deaths and not being able to see friends and grandparents we have been able to spend more time at home with our family and have more time to do what we want.

This year's topic for Challoners Speaks was Silver Lining. Silver Lining has several different interpretations, that all lead to the statement ‘something good that comes out of something bad’. This year, I did my speech on Marcus Rashford and his campaign to extend free school meals into the holidays.

In Challoner’s Speaks what you talk about is up to you. You decide what you deliver to the class for that short space of time. After a depressing year with COVID-19, Australian Bushfires and the Lebanon Explosion, it was good to try and find the positives in what has happened.

Challoner’s Speaks also made me think of all the small things that we take for granted but are actually very special. For example, our pets, no World War, freedom of speech and no slavery. It has helped me realise that, despite these tragic times now, life will go back to normal.