This year’s German debate team is made up of four A-Level students; Florence Beckley (Team Captain), Seb McGrath, Neta Morrag and Nimi Ryatt. Last week we secured a well-deserved victory when pitted against Lady Eleanor Holles School, a tough opponent, sending us through to the semi-finals. Both teams debated the topic fiercely and the judges had a tough time deciding the winner.

This round put our knowledge and understanding of equality to the test, with the argument being that “Equal Pay Between Genders is Recommended”. I can’t begin to describe the dismay we felt when we saw that we were arguing against this proposition! However, like with any strong debate, we were to put our personal feelings aside and deliver a meaningful and persuasive argument.

Fortunately, some research and help from Mrs Whittle and Mrs Burton ensured that we had plenty of strong arguments and rebuttals. Our points ranged from the unequal coverage of sport for both genders, to the use of higher wages to incentivise work for each gender depending on where the deficits lie, and to discussing how single parents, particularly mothers, should be paid more given that they need to provide for a family alone. These arguments were met with convincing rebuttals but we persevered, resulting in a justified triumph.

However, we still have another couple of rounds to go; the next one in a few weeks time, and, if (hopefully even when!) we win that, we will find ourselves in the finals. Many thanks must go to Mrs Whittle, Mrs Burton and the Goethe Institute for keeping such enthusiasm for the competition despite the changes there have been.