This year an abundance of children, with ages ranging from seven to seventeen, entered the Rotary Young Artist and Young Photographer competitions. This was an exciting new experience for many students where they received the chance to showcase their true talent and passion for art and photography.

This year, ‘Young Artist’ competitors were tasked with producing a piece of artwork based on the theme of ‘Sunrise and Sunset’. Students were largely given free rein, being allowed to use anything to create their pieces, ranging from pen and pencil to collage and painting, allowing participants to nurture their passion and hone their skills. Although the competition began locally, any of the artworks could move onto the national stage.

As previously mentioned, this was a very inclusive project. The ‘Young Photographer’ competition, with a similar age range of under seven to seventeen, allowed students who preferred the camera to the bristle of a paintbrush to demonstrate their stunning photography prowess. The theme, however, slightly differed, opting for a more broad ‘Beauty of architecture’, allowing competitors to embrace creative, fresh perspectives. This year’s entries definitely paid heed to the brief, with all of the entries stopping none shorter than beauty, truly celebrating unique infrastructure all over the world.

The Rotary competitions continue to be an incredible opportunity for young people and were a roaring success too, with several students from our school sweeping many top prizes. This includes Year 7’s Rishav Kumar, Henry Worthington and Ramsimer Singh from Year 8, Lakindu De Silva from Year 9, and Charles Badsey-Ellis from Year 11, all of whose breathtaking works are pictured here.