On Friday 27th January, we had the pleasure to host a talk from Ed Griffiths, a former student and Partner at international firm DLA Piper, during a Law Society meeting.

Ed graduated Dr Challoner’s in the Class of 1990, and is now a solicitor. He spoke to the Sixth Form cohort about the pathways into law, emphasising the importance of a strong foundation of interpersonal skills combined with the hard work needed to be successful in a career in Law, and went into depth about his personal experiences working in commercial law, alongside well known worldwide corporations such as Yo Sushi and Helly Hansen in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, tax law and real estate. He also spoke transparently about his day to day work and lifestyle, and the ability to incorporate hobbies into such a busy work schedule. Ed stressed the importance of choosing a degree or a pathway that you enjoy, to allow one to reach their full academic potential, despite what the end goal might be.

His expertise and insight into the profession was hugely valued by all attendees, not only those wishing to pursue a career or higher education in Law.

In addition, Ed’s commitment to the Challoner’s Connected scheme meant that he was able to meet his mentee, Sami, in person. The Mentor Scheme is a valuable component of school life, as it allows current students to learn about the wider world beyond Challoners, through the lens of their alumni mentor. Thank you to Mrs Watson and Mr Colquhoun for organising the visit.

On behalf of the Law Society at Challoner’s, we are grateful for Ed’s informative talk and hope to host similar events in the future.