The Year 7 Wind in the Willows play was a great success and was kindly organised by Miss Jones. 12 pupils from Year 7 participated in a 30 minute play. The amazing part is that the group only had seven rehearsals in less than a month! It was a big ask to learn all the lines in a month, but amazingly they did it. The group had about 30 people come along to watch them in the Studio on Thursday lunchtime. The children got a chance to practice their drama skills and to experience what it would be like to become a real actor. They got to dress up in costumes and there were even old-fashioned props for them to use! Not only was there a play, but there was also a surprise at the end. It was Miss Jones’ birthday and the performers decided to give a little surprise and a thank you to Miss Jones, for organising everything and making this performance happen. Overall, this was an amazing experience for the 12 students who participated and a wonderful experience for the participants who went to watch a mini-school play.