As summer establishes itself with sunny skies, you may have noticed the vibrant variety of flowers blooming across the flower beds at school. Throughout this year, the Student Gardening Team has been hard at work, with a recent campaign to the cricket pavilion ending triumphantly, with flower beds bright with an enchanting array of flowers.

It has been a large and successful joint effort between the Team and Mr Deadman to make a permanent display for the cricket pavilion flower beds. Across the summer half term, five gardeners - Nicholas Storey, Sayooj Menon Sanjay, Josh Tuddenham, Mayur Magdani, and myself - came in to help see the plan come to fruition.

The bed consists of the choicest flowers in a range of colours, but we also planted various grasses to fill the space over the coming year. Credit goes to James Tuddenham for researching flowers suitable for the bed, and many thanks go to Mr Graham for his kind donations.

Keep your eyes out for the perennials we planted in the cricket pavilion bed as they will be in bloom next summer. There’ll also be further developments when autumn comes, and the wildflower meadows by the canteen are also starting to show some colour.

Finally, a special thanks must go to Mr Burn who has orchestrated this project and connected all the pieces together to create something beautiful and lasting.