On Wednesday 12 May, Year 7 visited Bletchley Park, where nearly 10,000 people worked during World War II. Upon arrival, we walked around the museum and saw Alan Turing’s office, this was definitely my favourite part of the trip. Alan Turing was such an inspiring person for all his groundbreaking works in coding and mathematics.

We then had a tour of the grounds of Bletchley Park and learnt many interesting facts. Did you know that the people who worked at Bletchley Park, from the cleaners to the coders, had to keep it a secret for thirty years? Finally, we learnt how most of the workers’ jobs at Bletchley Park involved deciphering codes. In the same fashion, we were tasked with decoding some messages, first symbols, then Morse code, and it was tough. Bletchley Park is a fascinating and memorable place and I would love to visit again soon.