Thursday 18th March was the annual Challoner's University Challenge: a battle of brains between DCGS and DCHS.

This year was very different as it was all virtual, so new technology like the online buzzers had to be introduced. Adapting to the new technology was quite challenging at first, but after a few practise sessions we all got the hang of it.

This year was also different as people could watch the event live, whereas the event would usually take place behind closed doors. In fact, there were over 200 people in the audience!

The most enjoyable match was definitely the staff special round. Representing DCGS were Mr Atkinson, Mr Cadman, Mr Silvester and Mr Hamill.

The final scores for each match-up were as follows:

Years 7-9

DCHS: 195

DCGS: 105

Years 10 and 11

DCHS: 130 (after a tiebreaker)

DCGS: 120

Years 12 and 13

DCHS: 175

DCGS: 70

Teachers' Round

DCHS: 175

DCGS: 70


DCHS: 670

DCGS: 420

Well done to all who participated and thank you to everyone who organised such a fun event.