Year 7 were delighted to virtually meet author Ali Sparkes on the 3rd of December. Since the pandemic meant we weren’t able to meet the wonderful author in person, she had recorded a video in advance for us to watch. In her brilliant and fascinating video, she talked about many things, such as her books. These include the popular Shapeshifter and Unleashed series. Our class were fascinated by how she got ideas for her stories - inspiration for the Shapeshifter series came from playing in the woods with her friends! Ali Sparkes also helped us improve our descriptive writing. She gave us tips on how to describe people and she set us an interesting challenge on describing different types of people in an elevator. These exercises vastly improved our writing techniques and were surprisingly fun too. I thought that Ali Sparkes’s virtual visit was amazing. It inspired our whole class and we learnt a lot about writing. My personal favourite part of her visit was when she told us how she got her ideas for her top-selling books. Overall, meeting Ali Sparkes was a fantastic experience and the event was fun, interesting and beneficial to all of us.