Over four days, students from around the nation joined a webinar that would bring to light the many opportunities that are available to them in both the IT industry and the creative industries. This webinar would not only talk about the journey which students might take to get there but also the problems they might face and finally, some inspiration as to how to get out there and prove themselves.

From the 10th May to the 13th May, we were taught how to boost our employability by building a strong LinkedIn profile (LinkedIn is a social media platform on which professionals communicate with one another - it is similar to Facebook - but for professionals). We learnt about the games industry and how it is structured as well as how to find a successful career within that sector. We listened to some successful people talk about the hurdles in their careers. People such as Clare Barclay, Microsoft UK’s CEO and Chris Rothwell, Director of Education Microsoft UK, as well as some stakeholders. In addition, students were taught about gender equality and how to stay motivated during rainy days. In between the talks, we were given an insight into the future and discussed topics such as AI and coding.

Having participated in this event, I personally feel more enlightened by the experience. If I were to go into the games industry, I now have a starting point and I know how to boost my employability by creating a professional LinkedIn profile. I believe I learnt a lot from this experience and want to thank everyone who made it possible.