Movie nights may be a staple amongst family and friends, but here at DCGS there must be an academic spin on everything and so we have the French Film Club! A chance for french students to break away from homework and lessons to relax after school with friends and a choc chip brioche for a french film.

The monthly club met up recently to watch La Famille Bélier, an acclaimed film that explores the difficulties of the teenage Paula Bélier - the only hearing person in her family of deaf farmers. The film expresses the frustrations and joys of both sides of the family with enough comedy to make the low moments bring you to tears. And for those of you who do have an ear to the french music scene might recognise the starring actress as the now famous singer Louane, as this film doubles up as a story about Paula’s desire to sing as well as a drama about a deaf family (the dramatic irony hopefully being apparent).

The club is open to any member of the school community and English subtitles are always available - so any aspiring linguist interested in coming along should speak to Mr Elliott.