The Five Ways to Wellbeing

The five main focuses for the week, with one for each day, were - as can be seen above - ‘Connect’, ‘Be Active’, ‘Take Notice’, ‘Keep Learning’ and ‘Give’. Starting on the 11th of October and finishing on the 15th, Challoner’s organised its sixth year of the week; the intention being to remind students and staff of the importance of looking after their wellbeing and to provide gateways and skills in order to do so in their everyday lives.


Good relationships are fundamental in building a strong sense of belonging and self worth. They also provide emotional support and allow you to feel good about supporting others, preventing isolation and a feeling of loneliness.

Be Active:

Studies have proven that being active plays a vital role in both physical and mental health by raising your self-esteem and perhaps even providing a sense of competition. A walk or run around town can reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure, to name just a few benefits.

Taking Notice:

Mindfulness (i.e. paying attention to your present surroundings) can help you enjoy life more, understand who you are as a person and how you fit into society - which can help positively improve the way you act and think around others.

Keep Learning:

Learning new skills can boost your self-confidence and strengthen bonds with friends and family. Even if you feel as though you are limited on time, there are many different ways to bring learning into your life: techniques such as active recall and spaced-repetition are some good examples.


Whether it be your time, presence or words, just give. By supporting others you can improve your own mental state and “What goes around, comes around”, so maybe when you need it most it will be you on the receiving end. To finish, being kind to others doesn’t have to be an extravagant and excessive act, but can be as simple as saying thank you when someone holds the door for you.