The Canterbury Tales2021

The Summer Play - The Canterbury Tales - was a part of the Performing Arts Festival which took place outside in July 2021. The first tale was acted out by the Year 7 cast, who performed The Pardoner’s Tale. This received many laughs, due to the talented acting of the lead actors and the atmosphere generated by the ensemble. After this finished, the audience was split into two groups - one group were led by the narrators (known as the ‘Alchemists’) to watch the Year 10’s perform The Wife of Bath’s Tale while the other group watched Year 8 enact The Miller’s Tale.

Both tales were received very well due to the terrific use of costume and prop design and the outrageous and hilarious way the tales were modernised. The groups would then swap locations to watch the tale they had not seen, and would finally meet up at the Quadrangle, where the Year 9 cast would perform The Nun’s Priest’s Tale and The Knight’s Tale. As the Alchemists put it, the ‘double whammy’ was vastly entertaining and amusing as the large cast put in all their effort to bring the play to life. The Alchemists concluded The Canterbury Tales with a grand finale and everyone received a large round of applause before leaving the school site to go home.