DCGS has a long tradition of House Competitions. From the 1920s to the 1970s there were four houses at the school - Challoner, Hampden, Milton and Penn - all named after renowned Buckinghamshire residents. The house system was abolished during the 1970s, but reinstated in 2004. Upon entry to the school, students are allocated to one of six houses - Foxell, Holman, Newman, Pearson, Rayner and Thorne - all of which are named after previous headmasters.

A vast range of competitions are keenly contested during the course of the year with the winning house being presented with the House Shield. There are currently over 70 competitions contested annually, ranging from sports, drama and music to orienteering and code-breaking. It encourages participation from all members of each house and also gives significant opportunities for taking on responsibility with approximately 90 boys and girls involved each year as Captains, Deputy Captains, Mentors or Representatives.

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House Representatives


Captains: Henry Ryland, Oscar Dawson and Oscar Lawson

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Antara Agrawal and Ian Permalino
Year 8: Abinya Myurathan and Manas Vyas

Form Representatives
Year 7: Matthew Brown and Anvay Narravula
Year 8: Fraser Batey and Ashwarth Chukkalur
Year 9: Shivi Jhunijhunwala and Joe Goulty
Year 10: Chetan Vadlapati and Aiden McPhillips
Year 11: Shreyas Nandi-Purkayastha and Jake Joseph

Staff:  N Akerman,  J Anning,  A Atkinson,  C Atkinson,  G Babbs,  M Ball,  J Blake,  N Buchanan,  M Butler,  G Byrne,  C Challis,  S Chotai,  C Clare,  A Cross,  J Deadman,  S Dunsmore,  N Hutchinson,  G Jones,  R Laferton,  W Mason,  J Montgomery-McCullagh,  S Pickford,  A Rodriguez,  T Spenceley,  K Tadman,  J Tamayo,  S Treadway,  C Turner,  K Whitby and  K Wojewodka


Captains: Ethan McCall, Woody Johnson and Laura Walenbergh Lobo-Guerrero

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Vibhav Agrawal and Harvey Cooper
Year 8: Alicja Cembrzynska and Thomas Walker

Form Representatives
Year 7: Isaac Taylor and Prithvi Panwar
Year 8: Theo Dinsdale and Shaan Dulai
Year 9: Aditya Agrawal and Isaac Bassford
Year 10: Jasper Davies and Alex Deakin-Radkov
Year 11: Adam Haines and Teo Tomczak

Staff:  F Adi,  C Black,  J Blackburn,  S Clark,  K Connell,  N Currums,  L De Chaves,  E Eastwood,  A Fifield,  K Gillan,  R Gledhill,  G Grant,  A Greiff,  N Hasan,  O Isaacson,  A Killeya,  C Langford,  B McLean,  S Mitchell,  J Mowbray,  Y Peeris,  J Piemonti,  F Porter,  J Robertson,  S Webb,  W Wong and  J Wood


Captains: Isabelle Walker, Billy Dawson and Sam Harris

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Harry Dardis and Irfan Khan
Year 8: Hussain Asghar, Maj Kassamali and Huw Price

Form Representatives
Year 7: Eesa Azad, Kassi Musah, Filippos Aktselis and Rory Suleyman
Year 8: Daksh Agarwal and Finn McMullen
Year 9: Kian Masoudi Nejad and Thomas Reynolds
Year 10: Freddie Toettcher and Zach Cleaver-Brown
Year 11: Jatin Jatin Dahiya and Samuel Karseras

Staff:  A Abbas,  D Atkinson,  K Baker,  J Borrell,  J Collins,  J Culank,  E Fenton,  J Gomez,  A Halls,  L Harrington,  C Holloway,  S Hussan,  E Juin-Rimbert,  G Krishnaswamy,  L Krusche,  C Larkin,  P Malin,  J Milner,  R Morgan,  J Panayi,  R Popely,  T Raazi Konkader,  J Ravenscroft-Hull,  S Rodgers,  J Sealy,  L Walker,  S Welch,  A Wells and  N Wimbridge


Captains: Will Parry, Oliver Spicer and Toby Powter

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Oakley Denson and Udit Tripathy
Year 8: Ben Davis and Helisha Verma

Form Representatives
Year 7: Jacob Wood and Jonty Colquhoun
Year 8: Mihir Kamath and Haris Bashir
Year 9: Neil Batra and Vee Atwal
Year 10: Lakindu Da Silva and Henry Murphy
Year 11: Charlie Wright and Sananthen Sanjeevan

Staff:  F Aris,  M Barraclough,  S Burn,  J Carpenter,  P Chandler,  D Colquhoun,  C Dawes,  M Elliott,  R Falla,  J Freeman,  M Gillett,  M Hussey,  D Ingledew,  S Keen,  M Kennett,  S Kimmins,  D Kuruppu ,  P Lynch,  M Main,  A Mauro,  H Patel,  C Premkumar,  B Sharp,  G Strydom,  J Thompson,  R Turner and  J Wood


Captains: Seb Weatherall, George Driscoll and Ava Miller

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: Barnaby Budden and Alex Fraser
Year 8: Leila Payze and Eshaan Thakrar

Form Representatives
Year 7: William Rimmer and Safi Rehman
Year 8: Felix Badman and Arthur Thomas
Year 9: Magnus Astall and Oscar Nelson
Year 10: Ben Ward and Leo Marchant
Year 11: Hugo Cole and Maximus Wilkinson

Staff:  N Aghera,  R Ambrose,  L Ashton,  D Beazley,  A Bristow,  M Burnett,  P Casey,  J Cullen,  C Dale,  L Day,  R Dobby,  M Flattery,  J Flower,  J Gannon,  L Hamill,  J Hearn,  A Honeywell,  N Kesarwani,  S Lewis,  S Lunnon,  K Mackenzie-Crooks,  J Orr,  M Paternoster,  S Sinden,  K Snow,  K Trueman,  G Unnikrishnan,  G Wallington-Smith,  T White and  N Woodhouse


Captains: Ed Clifford, Alex Windsor and Daniel Ladd

Sixth Form Mentors
Year 7: James Morley and Pranav Upadhya
Year 8: Louis Jolin and Saarthak Kesarwani

Form Representatives
Year 7: Ben Walsh and Leon Horsted
Year 8: Edward Smith, Alden Fawcett and Umar Abdullah
Year 9: Eddie O'Brien and Toby McCullagh
Year 10: Shiva Nakka, James Hambleton and Jason Richards
Year 11: Manav Kothari and Wolf Williams

Staff:  M Aghera,  C Anstey,  L Atkinson,  L Binnion,  K Burton,  Y Carte Melero,  T Cornelius,  C Evans,  J Graham,  A Halpin,  R Healy,  S Kennedy,  J Love,  A Manning,  B Manning,  A Millar,  T Nicholls,  S Nieboer,  S Paterson,  C Priggs,  L Prime,  J Rajeshkumar,  J Sutcliffe,  M Tansley,  L Teban,  A Timington and  L Watson