Academy Trusts have different governance arrangements from schools that are under Local Authority control and their governors have a wider range of duties than governors of maintained schools. Academies also have an additional layer of governance, known as the members. The members are responsible for appointing the majority of the governors, approving the accounts at their Annual Meeting and for making any changes to the constitution (known as the Articles of Association) of the Academy Trust. The Academy Trust is the employer of the school’s staff, the admissions authority and the owner of its land and buildings.

Beyond this, it is the governing body which remains responsible for making strategic decisions and for overseeing the operation of the school.

As an academy is also a charitable company limited by guarantee, the governors have duties both as directors under company law and as trustees under charity law. The members of the Dr Challoner’s Grammar School Academy Trust are:

  • Mrs Carol Bevins – Former Governor and former DCGS parent
  • Mrs Stephanie Horrocks - Former member of DCGS SLT
  • Mr Shaun Kennedy – Chair of Governors
  • Mr Matthew Lawrence – Chair of Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Dr Mark Pegg – Vice Chairman of Governors
  • Dr John Maynard – Former Chair of Governors
Articles of Association