Ofsted Inspection: In our recent Ofsted inspection in November 2019, the school was judged to be Outstanding in every respect. Ofsted reported that: ‘Careers education is an important part of the curriculum. Students are well informed about different career pathways and future study options. Rich learning opportunities cultivate work-related skills.’ Ofsted highlighted the thoroughness and appropriateness of Careers education for our students, and commented that the programme is well planned with excellent advice and guidance.

DCGS Careers Vision: To provide all students with a first class planned careers education programme of activities to support their managing next steps, transitions and pathways at all stages of their learning; to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of today and throughout their future lives after Challoner’s, and to achieve economic and personal well-being; to promote the school’s values of aspiration, kindness and resilience.

DCGS Careers Strategy: To support, advise and guide students in their making informed, appropriate and realistic choices; to leverage the ‘Lifelong Challoner’s’ Mindset of alumni; to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of 2020 to ensure full compliance with statutory guidance from the DfE.

DCGS Careers Leadership: Mr Richard Gledhill as Careers Leader & Assistant Director of Sixth Form (Careers, UCAS & Projects) is responsible for leading the whole-school careers vision, strategy and programme, with the support of Mrs Kelly Baker as Deputy CST Manager, Mrs Deb Beazley as Careers Adviser and the Senior Prefect (UCAS & Careers), and backing from the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team, including Mr David Atkinson, Headteacher and Mr Dan Colquhoun (Director of Sixth Form) and Mr Killeya (Deputy Headteacher). Curriculum Area Team Leaders and Subject Leaders, supported by their Curriculum Careers Champions and subject teams, are responsible for linking curriculum learning with careers.

All students have the opportunity and are encouraged to book an appointment for a personal careers guidance interview with our qualified Careers Adviser, Mrs D Beazley, who is based in the Student Development Office. These are available at any time in a student's education to meet their individual needs. Every student will have at least one such interview scheduled by the age of 16, and an explicit opportunity for a further interview by the age of 18. Specific provision is made whenever significant study or career choices are being made, at such events as Parent Consultation Evenings, Results Days, Enrichment Day, Sixth Form Open Evening and the Higher Education Conference. For information about what to expect from a careers guidance interview, please click on the link below

Careers Guidance Information

If you would like to get in touch, please contact us at careers@challoners.com or on 01494 787555.

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