Radio Christmas is a Festive Charity Radio Station that is based in Amersham every two years on 87.7 FM for every hour of the month. They are a station run entirely by volunteers and their work varies from reading the news to hosting their own shows. They raise money for the charity Street Kids Direct which helps children who are living on the streets or have vulnerable families to prevent them from living on the streets. It is even more amazing as 100% of donations go directly to charity partners in South America.

I think that doing our little bit to help can make a huge difference for the people in Guatemala so I would encourage everyone to help in whatever way they can, whether this is by helping out on Radio Christmas or by donating to the charity.

As a school, we contributed by having an assembly informing all the students about what Radio Christmas is and how we can make a difference to the people in Guatemala. All the students then proceeded to wear their own Christmas jumpers on and donated a small amount of money, which I'm sure would have all summed up to a staggering amount.

So again, please get involved with Radio Christmas to raise help money for those in need.

Please donate to Radio Christmas here