As if it was a spy film, 3 figures entered the stage, blades ready and scene set. They were the foul (or fair!) three witches from Macbeth! Because Macbeth is a set text for GCSE English Literature, years 10 and 11 were treated with a live production of the play in the SCHOOL HALL! It was simply compelling; battle scenes were bloody, the acting was truly emotive, yet the set was so simplistic.

Its central layout allowed the audience to view the action from wherever they sat, a different alternative from the usual types of play. Throughout the performance, audience members from year 10 reenacted many roles including Macduff, the Scottish thanes and King Duncan additionally making this play more so interactive. The actors played their many roles meticulously, adapting to their role with ever changing emotion and style.

The different sets of colours, the range of characters made this play all the same compelling, a very big well done to Jez, Olivia and Elliot for this.

At the end of the production, there was a 20 minute workshop giving our thoughts and opinions on the different characters throughout the piece. I loved this interaction between the audience when the kings dished punishments to the different year 10s deeming them guilty or innocent.

However if found guilty, had to face a punishment of push ups or plank!

From the ominous scenes in the witches' lair to the endless bloodshed by Macbeth, this play was a treat for the eyes and hopefully, our year group will get the chance to rewatch this play next year.