Recently, Year 12 art A Level students were invited to Windsor Castle for an ARTiculation discovery day. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the lovely staff and organised into three separate groups, each comprised of students from various attending schools. The day unfolded as we explored the castle, immersing ourselves in three impressive art pieces that are stored throughout the castle.

The selected artworks included a detailed map of the city of Imola in Italy by Leonardo Da Vinci, a collection of books containing beautiful images of birds by John Gould and a photograph of the late Queen Elizabeth captured by the renowned Annie Leibovitz. As we admired these distinctive pieces, specialists provided us with information which we took note of. This was crucial, as later in the day, each group was tasked with crafting a presentation centred around one of the featured artworks.

After completing the information-gathering phase for our presentations, each group was assigned one of the featured artworks. We collaborated to consolidate our notes, sifting through the information to find the most intriguing and crucial facts.

The diversity of the presentations created by each group was remarkable. One group structured their presentation in the form of a dynamic game show, creating an element of fun in their piece. Another group opted for a more theatrical approach, crafting a play that delved into the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, providing a unique and immersive perspective. The presentations, each characterised by its distinct style, not only proved engaging and informative, but also offered us a preview of the creative possibilities of the ARTiculation competition. This experience served as a valuable insight while preparing us for the upcoming competition and allowing us to interact with other schools in the process.