My expectations were high when I entered the Studio last Thursday to watch this year's Senior Play, 12 Angry Men. With the great standard of set, costumes, lighting and performance which have come to be known through the school’s many previous productions, I knew it would not disappoint.

Immediately, the thrust stage that had been created on the studio floor intrigued me, as it was like nothing I had seen at the school before, however, it suited the nature of the play perfectly, with elevated seats on three sides, it truly felt like you were peering into the muggy and enclosed jury room.

The story follows twelve jurors trying to conclude the murder trial of a 16-year-old boy, with Juror 8 (played by Dylan Sanderson) being the only person to have doubts about the boy’s guilt at first. As the play progressed, the evidence presented previously in the trial was scrutinised, leading to more and more jurors siding with Juror 8. One of the most dramatic moments was the final moments before the interval, when Juror 3 (played by Henry Ryland), who seemed to be the one leading the crusade against the boy, held a knife up to Juror 8, just before the lights cut to black, leading to a tense and dramatic opening of the second part.

All of the roles were played extremely convincingly, and the ability of the actors to stay focused in the role for the entire duration of the play made for an immersive atmosphere, and realistic characters. Everything ran smoothly under the direction of Louis Nardone and the technical direction of Ryan McCluskey and was a pleasure to watch from start to finish.

Well done to everyone involved in the production and I thoroughly look forward to the next Senior play!